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About - TCI Constrictor

TCI Manufacture some of the best Hi-fi Mains Power Leads and Powerblocks in the world. Manufactured using aerospace grade materials to give top quality and long term reliability. Designed from the ground up, TCI powerleads use True-Plug™ connectors and hand built cables to get the best performance you money can buy.

TCI Constrictor RFI filtering mains cable uses the same advanced construction and materials as TCI Baby Constrictor, but with an additional 50% thicker cross-sectional area and 25% more silver. It gives further sonic improvements including more detail, bigger soundstage, improved dynamics and a deeper and more controlled bass. In addition because of the quieter noise floor, low level detail and micro dynamics are further improved

- 8x PTFE insulated SP-OFC conductors
- Braided construction for superb RF rejection and filtering
- Non-inductive, self screening construction
- Polyolefin / polyester braid for abrasion resistance
- Optional True-Plug™ IEC Plugs (Standard with Schuko version) - Designed, hand made and finished in the UK.

designed and engineered in the UK