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TCI CABLES - Plugs and Accessories

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About - Digital & AV Leads

TCI design their own plugs from the ground up.This including RCA plugs, Mains connectors,etc

TCI Plugs True Colours Industries have designed a range of class leading optical and coaxial cables that perform far above their price bracket. TCI Coral, TCI Lora continue to be the optical cables of choice not only to get the best performance, but also to act as a reference against which other manufacturers are judged. TCI Adder Digital and Adder Digital SE are also judge by many Audio Professional and enthusiast alike to give the best digital audio quality available.
TCI's range of HDMI cables and Analogue AV cables have continued to push distance boundaries for how far a High Speed Category 2 Digital or HD Analogue signal can be transpited without visual degridation.
designed and engineered in the UK