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TCI King Cobra Speaker Cable awarded the coverted Hi-Fi News Magazine “Outstanding Product Award” in a group test of Speaker cables

About Us

TCI Cables have been manufactured for high quality Hi-Fi systems for nearly 20 years. Our first product TCI Cobra was original designed in 1993 and although refined over the years, remains largely true to its original design. It is still widely regarded as a reference quality interconnect.

TCI use Aerospace technology in their cables to gain significant audio advantages over the majority of cable manufacturers. These technologies ensure not only better sound, but also consistent long-term performance.


The cable offers an open sounding presentation. But, it also takes a rigourous hold of the sound. Everything is securely held in place with it’s vice like grip and within this strict code, the TCI digs up excellent level of detail.


Aerospace grade silver plated copper alloys used in our conductors allow us to achieve the best sonic properties of pure silver without the cost and other associated problems of OFC copper based designs

Stereo Speaker Cables

True Colours Industries provide a custom cable service on most of our range. Different lengths and unusual terminations are regularly supplied to suit nearly every conceivable connection.

BiWire Speaker Cables

Most TCI stereo speaker cables are also available in bi-wire configoration to connect speakers with 4 terminals on the back. This takes advantage of their split crossover design approach and the bi-wire cables will let you hear the associated sonic benefits by carefully matching the cable performance.

Where To Buy

TCI Cables are available to buy in several countries from local dealers as well as via a number of online retailers


TCI are exhibiting at ISE2023 and at Highend 2023